Here are some of the most common questions we receive about the Red Barn Reception Hall. If you question is not listed please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • What is your policy about outside catering?

    First Choice Catering is the exclusive caterer for all events at the Red Barn and can customize a menu to meet every catering need.

  • Can we bring our own food?

    We do not allow clients to bring their own food, other than cakes, desserts and some customized items. If you have a special request we will be glad to consider it.

  • Can we add additional items to the Hors D’oeuvre Menu? If so, how much will it be per person?

    Yes, $3.50 for most menu items unless accompanied by an * or an additional up-charge is indicated.

  • How many wait staff will we have at our event?

    It depends on the size of the event and the selected menu.

  • If we do not see what we want on the menu, can we have a menu customized to our specific event?

    Yes, one of our Catering Professionals will be glad to assist you with additional menu planning and pricing.

  • What do you do with leftover food?

    Our staff will box up your leftover food into aluminum pans after the buffet is broken down. Prior to the event you will be required to sign a ‘waiver and release’ indemnifying First Choice Catering or Prewett Holdings, LLC from any liability resulting in the mishandling of leftover food.

    Your leftovers will be placed in a designated spot, given to a designated person who will sign off on receiving them. Leftover food must be removed from the premises at the conclusion of the event and stored at a proper temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Leftover food should be disposed of after three days.

  • How much does it cost to add real glassware?

    For complete glassware the charge is $5.00 per person plus tax. For individual pieces, see the itemized list below. Pricing may vary depending on the style of glassware and style selected. If the client provides their own glassware a $2.00 per place setting handling service charge will be applied.

    First Choice Catering will not be responsible for breakage, loss or the washing of client provided glassware.

    • Tea Goblets .55 each
    • Flatware .40 per piece
    • Dinner plate’s .75 each
    • 7″ salad, desert or appetizer plates. 60 each
    • Black or white linen napkin .50 each
    • Cathedral salt and pepper shakers $1.00 per set,
    • Tea pitchers on the tables’ .50 each
    • Full glass service an additional $1.00 per person is charge for labor and transport.
  • What if we only want four (4) items on the Hors D’oeuvre menu?

    The price will be reduced $1.50 per person plus sales tax on those items. No less than four items can be ordered.

  • What if we do not want the beverage? Is the price discounted?

    The stated beverage with all packages is complimentary so there is no discount for eliminating the beverage.

  • Are buffet linens included with the pricing?

    Yes, black linens with white toppers are included. Any additional colors are the responsibility of the client.

  • What all is included with my catering package?

    Black and white buffet linens, chaffing dishes, serving pieces, high grade disposable dinnerware unless glassware is selected, service staff, boxing of leftover food items. 1.5 hours of buffet service from start of the event. Wait staff will remain for 3 hours from the contracted starting time of the event.

  • Do you provide cake service?

    Yes, our cake service includes the cutting of the bride and groom cakes, 6″ disposable plates unless you upgrade to glassware, disposable fork and napkin. We assume no responsibility for damaged cake lost or damaged cake toppers or serving pieces.

  • If I cancel my event how much of my deposit or pre-made payments do I get back?

    Our cancellation policy is as follows:

    1. Six months or more before the event, a full refund less a $200 service fee.

    2. If less than 6 months, no refund will be issued unless we are able to reschedule an event. If we reschedule an event for your date at the full rental price you will receive a full refund less a $300 service fee.

  • What if something comes up and I need to change my date?

    We understand that things happen and we will do our best to work with you to change your date. However, we cannot always guarantee that we can accommodate all requests. The above cancellation policy still applies if we cannot accommodate your change.

  • What is your alcohol policy?

    We do not provide or sell alcohol to our clients at this time. We do allow the client to bring in their own alcohol to serve their guests. The client is not permitted to sell alcohol unless they have received a special permit from the State of Mississippi Alcohol Beverage commission. These permits are only issued under certain circumstances and are not available for private parties or weddings.

    We require each client to hire a bartender that is on our approved bartender list. The client will deal directly with the bartender of their choice from this list and First choice Catering or Prewett Enterprises, LLC will not be involved in the transaction or assume any responsibility for any agreement made between them and the selected bartender. Each client will be required to take out a Liquor liability insurance policy.

    Visit our Preferred Vendors list for contact information for these policies or call your personal insurance agent. A detailed Liquor Policy will be provided to each client who indicates that they will be serving alcohol. If you are not interested in providing your own alcohol we can provide the name and number of an independent state licensed contractor who can perform that service.

  • Who cleans up the room after an event?

    Our current contract states that the client is responsible for getting the room “broom clean” after an event. This means that all trash is to be removed from the tables, floors swept and all debris bagged and removed to the dumpster. If you decide to have us clean the venue please refer to our A la carte pricing sheet.

  • Can we access the building prior to or after our contract time?

    Yes, but additional pricing applies. Please refer to A la carte pricing.